Single Touch Payroll Service Comparison
This article provides a detailed comparisson between the various single touch payroll solutions available.

Single Touch Payroll Solutions

This page provides a summary of those Low-cost Single Touch Payroll solutions on the list published by the ATO, plus a few others who have contacted me asking to be added to the list.

Sadly I don't have time to check up on all these providers to see whether the details below have changed. So if you spot something which is out of date, or if you think something should be added, please do take the time to reach out in the comments below.

However, if you're a software provider you're probably better off using the contact form.


Provider Min Cost Note
AccXite $11/employee/payrun not really an app
BAS Off See Free Accounting Software
Catsoft No information available
Easy Payslip $8.80/mth (4 employees)
Employment Hero $10/employee/mth HR Management Platform
e-PayDay $19/mth (5 employees) Old school
ePayroll $5/employee/mth HR Management Platform
Etax No information available
Free Accounting Software Not yet available
Globe BD No information available
GovReports $12/mth & $x/form lodge a variety of reports
Intuit $15/mth Mature, comprehensive
LodgeiT Not yet available
IronBark Not listed Desktop only
MyAccountant Free No mention of STP
MYOB $20.25/mth (1 employee) Mature, comprehensive
OB Secure Messaging Not listed Browser Based
Sodapay Not yet available
PwC Australia Not yet available
Reckon $5/mth Cheap, mature, comprehensive
Single Touch $0.10/employee/payrun Cheap, minimalist
SRI Enterprise Not listed Hospitality POS
Xero $25/mth (1 employee) Mature, comprehensive

Min Cost is the GST Inclusive minimum cost to use the service. Some providers a per employee per month or payrun, while others have tiered pricing.

No information available means that I can't find anything about this service. The list published by the ATO are merely software providers who expressed an intention to provide a product, so I suppose some of them are yet to have a product ready for market.



AccXite seems more like an accounting firm than a software provider. The vast majority of their products are "all in" accounting and bookkeeping packages. They do offer a single touch payroll product, but it's not an app you can just start using, you need to contact them to onboard you.


This one is a bit weird, I think it might be a duplicate on the ATO's list. The only mention I can find of "BAS Off" is from Free Accounting Software which has it's own separate entry on the list published by the ATO.


I can't find much about this. It's a registered business name, but no website apparently.

Easy Pay Slip Pty Ltd (Easy Payslip)

Looks like a proper app. Easy signup. 30 day trial. Pricing ranges from $8.80 p.mth (less than 4 employees) to $19.95 p.mth (less than 10 employees ). Browser, android, iOS support.

Employment Hero Pty Ltd (Employment Hero)

This looks more like a HR Management platform, lots of reporting functionality unrelated to Single Touch Payroll. Minimum pricing is $10 per employee per month.

e-PayDay Pty Ltd (e-PayDay)

This has the feel of an older software provider, they have a legacy desktop product as well as a hosted solution. $19 per month (5 employees or less). Browser only, no android or iOS.


Looks like a proper app. Easy signup. 30 day trial. Pricing is $5 per employee per month. Browser only, no android or iOS

ETax Accountants Pty Ltd

Can't find anything about this, other than their ABR Record. Note that there's a similarly named entity ETax Accounting Pty Ltd which is unrelated.

Free Accounting Software

Only mention I can find of this says that they're "coming soon".

Globe BD

Globe BD appears to be a fairly run of the mill accounting firm. No mention on their website on any upcoming Single Touch Payroll solutions.


You can lodge a variety of PLS forms using this service, including those associated with Single Touch Payroll. The cheapest option would appear to be the "on demand" tier where you'd pay $12 per month, plus a fee for each lodgement, but there's no indication on what that additional fee would be. Browser only, no android or iOS.


Quickbooks. Intuit is a large, well established software provider from the US. They don't have a stand alone product. There's an introductory price of $10.50/mth for the first 6 months.


Will be available for use from July 2019 apparently.

Ironbark Software

Desktop software. No pricing listed. A well established software provider with a range of products.


Android & iOS only, no browser based product. It's free, or $39 (once off) if you want to use the app to lodge your BAS. That said, there's no mention of payroll or Single Touch Payroll on their website.


MYOB is the oldest software provider on this list. They don't have a stand alone payroll product. MYOB Essentials is $20.25/mth (billed annually, so $243) for only one employee. For 2 or more employees the cost would be $41.25/mth (billed annually, so $495). Not really a "low-cost STP Provider".

OB Secure Messaging

No automated signup. Report via CSV. Pricing is unclear, it says "Free for 1 to 4 Employees", and "No expensive registration fee", and then "Contact us now for your free 30 day trial". Looks like it's browser based only.


Website is really just a placeholder. No information available. Intends to be android & iOS app.

PwC Australia

PWC is a large, well established, accounting firm. I can't find any information about a single touch payroll service from them.


A comprehensive, mature, bookkeeping system with payroll for unlimited employees at $5 per month. Reckon has an ecosystem of integrations including Single Touch Payroll. Browser, iOS, and android apps available.

Single Touch

This one is unique in that it's not an app, but rather an appropriately priced portal by which you can submit your Single Touch Payroll reports. $0.10 per employee per payrun is about as cheap as it gets.

SRI Payroll

Android app. Looks like it's aimed at hospitality Point of Sale, amongst many other functions. No pricing listed. Not much detail about Single Touch Payroll integration.


A comprehensive, mature, bookkeeping system. $25/mth for only 1 employee. Not really a "low-cost STP provider"