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A Business Consultant and Accountant with a Passion for Web Technology.

I’m a business consultant and accountant from the South West of Australia. I’ve been working as an income tax consultant for 16 years, and during that time have progressed to become the owner of my own firm.

I’m thrilled by the efficiency and elegance of a well designed system, whether that’s a clean code base behind a web application, or practical procedures for internal control.

I love being involved in the small to mid size businesses I consult with, and am dedicated to finding ethical, cost effective ways to enhance performance and success.

Data Systems

Experienced in design, development, and implementation of financial information systems to provide a variety of functionality including automated account keeping, inventory management, document generation and management, and data manipulation.

Regional Commerce

Genuinely passionate about small to mid-size business in regional Australia, and knowledgeable abou tthe unique set of challenges faced by businesses in this sector.

Entity Structure

Regularly involved in structural implementations for business entities and non-profit organisations.

Strategic Business Planning

Well acquainted with strategy development and implementation in personal, business, and non-profit contexts.

Web Technology

Active open source developer with regular contributions to a variety of community projects.

Budgets & Forecasts

Excellent budgeting and financial modelling skills, heavily involved in budget preparation for large non-profits.

Client Relationship Management

Focussed on building strong client relationships through providing excellent advice and delivering real value in every engagement.

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Time Line


Rebuilt Static Sites with Nuxt Js


I rebuilt leviwheatcroft.com and albanyaccounting.com.au as static sites using the awesome nuxt framework and vue.

Things have come a long way with static sites in the last few years. These sites are rock solid and very performant.

New Office on Stirling Terrace


Albany Accounting & Consulting has been growing steadily in the last few years, and while I've loved working exclusively from home it just wasn't sustainable.

We set up a new office on Stirling Terrace, and it's been great to get to work in this new space.


Published todo-all-the-things


I made a todo list app. It's free, minimal, open source, self hostable, and works everywhere. It's pretty great !

COVID-19 Support


I started a COVID stimulus support group on facebook to help people navigate the complexities of Australia's COVID stimulus including the JobKeeper program.

These were pretty dark days and it felt great to be able to help so many people in a meaningful way.

Completed Cert IV in Training & Assessment


I completed my Cert IV in Training & Assessment. While I've trained staff in the past, this course firmed up many different aspects of my skills and experience. There's a lot included in this course and it took me a full year to get through part time.


Published textexpander.io


I made a rad text expander / template renderer . It's designed for constructing form emails from templates. I've used something similar in my work for a while, but I couldn't find something really good for this purpose so I made my own!

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