Munda Biddi Day 4 Denmark Walpole
30km out from Denmark, to William Bay

The ride out from denmark to William Bay is pretty great, definitely the best section of the Munda Biddi since Albany.

The first section heads along side Wilson Inlet to Ocean Beach. At this time of year the inlet is closed, it doesn’t run out across the beach. It’s still a great view.

Then you head up to the Denmark Wind farm and encounter a sealed bike path that runs along the coast. This was nothing short of exhilarating, I absolutely recommend it for anyone of any fitness level. The path was sealed with some kind of blue metal gravel which is not ideal because it’s slippery, but the views and flow through this section was really next level.

After that there’s some dirt or sand single track through the bush behind the coast. You can see in the photos the track is protected from erosion with these rubber mats which were pretty great also.

No trouble with the bike today, although I’ve realised the need for proper bike pants. I always just assumed that bike pants were more about the look than anything else. Turns out they have padding which during a long ride really saves your ass from nasty bruises.