Merging Feature/Redux Into react-starter-kit
This took me way more time than it should have

react-starter-kit master branch doesn't include redux, you need to merge it in from the feature/redux branch.

This repo is under active development, so the details re: merging may change, but the basic process should be fine.

git clone app
cd app
git fetch
git branch --track feature/redux origin/feature/redux
git merge feature/redux

At this point you'll probably be informed about conflicts. At the time of writing there were four. In my own case, src/server.js and package.json really need to be considered, the rest can just be checked out from feature/redux.

git checkout feature/redux yarn.lock
git checkout feature/redux src/components/Layout/Layout.test.js

For src/server.js, I just checked out the feature/redux version, but changed path to pathname as shown in this commit.

For package.json, fire up your favourite merge tool. You need all packages from each branch, and where packages exist in both, take the most recent version.

Then you're good to go...

git status
git add .
git commit -m "merged feature/redux"
yarn install
yarn start

My server now starts without any errors.