Automatically Clear Your Downloads Folder
A nice tidy downloads folder makes life easy. No batch file, special software, just configure a task

In the course of any given day I download a boatload of email attachments to store and pdfs to print. Until now I've always just sorted my downloads folder by date, which may reduce the problem but there's still a lot of clutter. So just my email inbox, I want to keep the contents of my downloads folder limited to the stuff I actually need.

There's loads of clunky batch files and software that can do this, but it feels like an over engineered solution to me. A much better way is simply to use windows built in robocopy and move files more than a day old into another folder.

So first create a DownloadsArchive folder in your user directory, along side your normal Downloads folder.

Then fire up windows task scheduler. This is pretty straight forward, but when you get to the action section choose "start a program", and set it up like this:

  • program robocopy
  • arguments Downloads DownloadsArchive /move /minage:0
  • start in C:\Users\Levi

Of course, you'll need to change the last line to the path to your user directory.

But that's all there is to it. Easy, set & forget Downloads archiving with no software or clunky bat files.