2021 Blog Roll
The best stuff I've read or listened to in 2021

A blog roll is supposed to be a list of blogs I read, but I don't actually read any blogs consistently, so instead here's a list of the podcasts and audiobooks I've listened to last year.

80 Days (Podcast)

80 Days is an exploration podcast, "brought to you by three history and geography nerds in an internet-powered balloon". Every episode takes you to a little-known country, territory, settlement or city to explore the history, culture and people of each place over approximately an hour and a half.

Fall of Civilisations (Podcast)

Fall of Civilisations is a podcast that expplores the collapse of different societies through history.

My favourite ep from 2021 was The Incas - Cities in the Cloud.

The host also posts episodes as youtube videos.

Doomsday Watch (Podcast)

Doomsday Watch explores the geopolitical threats of tomorrow with Arthur Snell, former diplomat and head of the International section of the UK’s anti-terrorist programme Prevent.

My favourite ep from 2021 was Hydropocalypse Now, discussing the likely impact of water scarcity in the future. "If climate change is the shark then water scarcity is the teeth."

Girt - The Unauthorised History of Australia (Audiobook)

This is a brazen tour of Australia's early history. Rum, theft, orgies, and more rum. All the stuff conspicuously omitted from highschool history.

One of the more interesting aspects that I didn't realise was that according to Hunt "Captain Cook just steered the boat for Banks".

Project Hail Mary (Audiobook)

The stand out audiobook release for 2021. Ray Porter's narration and some audio effects really make this one 2021's "must listen".