100 Days To Offload Challenge
Can I make 100 posts on my blog in 2022?

The 100 Days To Offload challenge is about making 100 blog posts in a year.

The emphasis is on consistency rather than quality. I must have started leviwheatcroft.com more than 10 years ago, and in that time there's probably fewer than 30 or so posts, so on average maybe one post every six months.

It really hilights the question of why I even have a blog? What is the point if there's nothing I know that's worth writing about? I think the main reason I started was simply to have an outlet or a place to post things other than social media. I don't necessarily think that the sparce post rate means there's nothing happening worth posting about. It's more that I'm just not in the habit, out of practice, and in many cases maybe my site has been broken.

So, my plan is to make 100 posts in the calendar year of 2022. Astute observers will notice that this post is from december 2021. I'm just taking a few weeks to get a run up.

As part of the 100 posts, I want at least 25 of them to include video. Making video's to go with posts really dials up the time requirements, but I really do need the practice with that.