CSS Loading Animation for Buttons

Sep 2018

I made a rad CSS loading animation to indicate to users that something is happening

Vanilla JS Web Components

Aug 2018

You don't need a fancy framework to use components in your web projects. For simple projects vanilla components are often the best.

Easy Concurrent Promises with Async Await

Apr 2018

You don't need heavyweight dependencies like async-promises or highland to throttle concurrent promises. These 9 lines of magic form an easy reusable pattern.

Merging Feature/Redux Into react-starter-kit

Nov 2017

This took me way more time than it should have

JS Detect Cyclic References in Objects

Apr 2017

If you ever have to recurse through a javascript object then cyclic or copied references can be a problem. Here's a rad algorithm to fix that.

NPM package.json Scripts

Jan 2017

I've been messing around with node & npm for ages but only recently realised the power of npm scripts.

The Static Site Thing

Jan 2017

Why are static sites so popular all of a sudden?

Private Modules in Node

Nov 2016

easy private npm modules for node!