I’m a business consultant and accountant from the South West of Australia. I’ve been working as an income tax consultant for 8 years, and during that time have progressed to become the owner of my own firm.

I’m thrilled by the efficiency and elegance of a well designed system, whether that’s a clean code base behind a web application, or practical procedures for internal control.

I love being involved in the small to mid size businesses I consult with, and am dedicated to finding ethical, cost effective ways to enhance performance and success.

Business Strategy

I love looking at businesses, examining risks and threats, and developing strategies to resolve them.

Web Technologies

The rapid advance in this area is powering change and growth in so many business models.

Information Systems

From a simple spreadsheet to a large corporate intranet, I’ve always found well designed systems to possess a special elegance and beauty.

Financial Modelling

As a self confessed spreadsheet geek, I find complex financial models to be both challenging and engaging.

Regional Commerce

There’s nothing more satisfying than adjusting the business model of a regional Australian business, and seeing the growth and success that follows.


Configuring an SMTP relay

I've discovered that our new scanner doesn't support any sort of encryption for email transmission, so not only will authenticating with something like the fastmail smtp server not work (because it won't allow plain text passwords) but you wouldn't want to anyway because security.

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All the things I always forget about mdadm.

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storage devices

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my chicken coup

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wind farm

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On Time Lodgements

Lodging tax forms before tax office deadlines means constant orchestration of a complex ecosystem involving client practices, staff development, resource management, and efficient internal procedures. In recent years I have instigated and overseen an array of measures designed to maximise Wheatcroft Accounting’s on time lodgements, and the ATO statistics clearly demonstrate the results.

source: ATO lodgement statistics

Total Tax Forms Lodged

The number of tax forms lodged by our office is a fairly good indicator of growth. Since 2011 these numbers have consistently increased, and we are averaging about 10% per year. We have really made an effort to ensure our growth is manageable, and that our service standards are not impacted by the increased workloads.

source: Practice Management Software

Server Bandwidth

My home server bandwidth usage is a good indicator of how busy I've been with my various information technology interests. This server hosts a variety of resources for Wheatcroft Accounting, but also repositories for any projects I'm managing, so the bandwidth includes traffic from my collaborators also.

source: server logs


  • Lodgement Results

    June 2015

    Every year the ATO provides accountants with statistics describing their performance. The stats released this year showed Wheatcroft Accounting on time lodgements at 89.4%, which is an increase of 15% in just three years.

    Lodging tax forms before tax office deadlines means constant orchestration of a complex ecosystem involving client practices, staff development, resource management, and efficient internal procedures.

  • 2015
  • Web Development with Node

    June 2014

    Having spent years fooling around with php and python I got involved with node web development in January 2014. Since then I’ve never looked back. Currently all the websites I manage are built with node, and I’ve developed a tool to bridge iFirm with xero and echosign which helps manage our job flow at Wheatcrofts.

  • 2014
  • Regional Commerce

    January 2013

    It was about this time my passion for regional commerce reached a kind of critical mass and I made the decision to rebalance my client base and focus on small to medium sized regional businesses.

  • Wheatcroft Accounting's Secure File Server

    June 2013

    Interstel.la built a completely custom, secure file server allowing Wheatcroft Accounting clients to send and receive financial data and reports securely and efficiently. The server provides a bridge between client and accountant records; it avoids the security nightmare of email, and the inefficiency of posted cds or thumbdrives.

  • 2013
  • Albany Community Legal Center

    August 2012

    I was nominated for, and appointed to, the position of Treasurer for the Albany Community Legal Center. Albany’s CLC is a large grant funded non-profit offering a subset of legal services to the community. My role as treasurer requires me to oversee budgeting and cash flow management, authorise payments, and consider organisational issues referred to the management committee.

  • Bachelor of Commerce, Accounting Major

    March 2012

    After studying part-time for 5 years, I took 6 months leave from Wheatcroft Accounting, and finished off my bachelor degree. I was studying externally, so was able to spend that 6 months living in northern Thailand.

  • 2012
  • Principal at Wheatcrofts

    January 2011

    I became the principal accountant at Wheatcroft Accounting in January 2011. Like any good pupil I was keen to step up and see if I could surpass the master, so Sue and I initiated a succession plan which allowed me to take control of the family business. It has been a steep learning curve but we have achieved a lot in the last four years. Significant changes to our workflows have meant that our on time lodgement rate has dramatically improved. We have also changed our professional accounting software, employed two additional staff, and have consistently strengthened our client base over time.

  • Calway Logistics Business Plan

    September 2011

    A personal client of mine requested a detailed business plan, financial model, and media pack in order to acquire finance from sophisticated investors for a new business venture in the natural resources industry. This company has gone on to become a successful venture, and is among the largest of my tax compliance clients.

  • 2011


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